Helldivers 2 Achieves Remarkable Sales Feat in UK Physical Charts

Helldivers 2 Achieves Remarkable Sales Feat in UK Physical Charts

The cooperative shooter, Helldivers 2, continues to impress, achieving another significant sales accomplishment in the UK physical charts.

Helldivers 2 Achieves Remarkable Sales Feat in UK Physical Charts

Despite initial challenges, Helldivers 2 has overcome them and secured a noteworthy milestone in the United Kingdom’s physical game sales market. Typically, the top positions in this chart are dominated by highly anticipated, big-budget releases, making Helldivers 2’s presence there all the more remarkable.

2024 has proven to be a year of unexpected successes, with titles like Palworld and Helldivers 2 finding surprising popularity in the first few months. In Helldivers 2’s case, the initial demand was so high that players faced long wait times just to access the game. Thankfully, the situation has improved considerably, with the developers significantly expanding server capacity to accommodate a staggering 800,000 concurrent users. These efforts appear to be paying off, as the game’s sales continue to rise.

Helldivers 2 Climbs the Charts, Leaving Others Behind

Helldivers 2 Achieves Remarkable Sales Feat in UK Physical Charts

As highlighted by Christopher Dring, Head of GamesIndustry.biz, Helldivers 2 has solidified its position in the 4th spot of the UK physical charts. This comes after a 20% growth in sales during its third week. Notably, this is the second consecutive week of growth for Helldivers 2, a rare feat in the industry. It’s important to remember that digital sales data is typically released later than physical sales data.

Meanwhile, Mario vs Donkey Kong has slipped to the third position, experiencing a 62% decrease in sales. Skull and Bones has witnessed one of the most significant drops, plummeting to the 16th position with a staggering 68% drop. For reference, the previous week saw Mario vs Donkey Kong at number 1, Skull and Bones at number 4, and Helldivers 2 at number 7. This decline for Skull and Bones is unsurprising, considering its decreasing Metacritic score.

As Dring reiterates, it’s crucial to remember that these rankings are based on units sold, not revenue generated. Despite being developed by a relatively smaller team, Helldivers 2’s ability to hold its own against major releases is commendable. With the server issues increasingly under control, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Helldivers 2 gain even more momentum and climb further up the charts in the coming weeks.

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