Overwatch 2 Delivers on mythic skin promise with Season 9’s Ancient Caller Moira

Overwatch 2 Delivers on mythic skin promise with Season 9’s Ancient Caller Moira

Overwatch 2 addresses player concerns with Mythic Skins by offering significant customization options for Season 9’s Ancient Caller Moira.

Overwatch 2 Delivers on mythic skin promise with Season 9's Ancient Caller Moira

Players rejoice! Season 9: Champions in Overwatch 2 brings a much-needed improvement to Mythic Skins, addressing a major complaint from the community. Ancient Caller Moira, the season’s premium cosmetic, boasts a whopping nine customization options, a significant increase compared to recent entries.

Remember those early Mythic Skins with their impressive 11-option versatility? Many fans lamented the decline in customization choices with recent releases like Onryo Hanzo and Grant Beast Orisa, which offered a mere fraction of the possibilities. Thankfully, Overwatch 2 listened.

Ancient Caller Moira embodies the eldritch horror theme of the new Battle Pass with nine customization options spread across three categories: Weapon, Mask, and Color. While not quite matching the 11 of Cyber Demon Genji, Amaterasu Kirko, or Galactic Emperor Sigma, it ranks among the top tier alongside Zeus Junker Queen and Adventurer Tracer.

More Choices, More Happy Players:

  • Ancient Caller Moira offers the same nine options as Zeus Junker Queen and Adventurer Tracer, surpassing Ana’s 8, Orisa’s 6, and Hanzo’s disappointing 5.
  • While it falls short of Genji, Kiriko, and Sigma’s 11 options and lacks the four customization categories of early Mythic Skins, it’s a vast improvement over Onryo Hanzo and Grand Beast Orisa.
  • These two skins, limited to weapon and color customization, sparked fan outrage. Overwatch 2 executive producer Jared Neuss defended the limited options due to unique VFX and sounds, but players weren’t convinced. Ancient Caller Moira proves the team is listening, and fans are thrilled.

Room for Growth:

While nine options are a welcome step forward, some players believe it’s just the beginning. The first four Mythic Skins offered four customizable details, compared to Moira’s three. While players who earned Ancient Caller Moira through the Battle Pass will be happy, many hope Overwatch 2 continues to push the boundaries of Mythic Skin customization in the future.

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